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Anticipation is building as industry professionals from the Netherlands, and around the world, line up to join the 21st Trade Fair Aalsmeer. Bringing ‘the world’s largest selection of plants and flowers’ under one (Royal FloraHolland) roof, the three-day event, held from November 6-8, 2019, offers exciting new products, innovative design and smart merchandising concepts.

With only a few days to go before the event, trade show manager Wilma van Straalen and her colleague from marketing Ingrid Meijer, both working for Royal FloraHolland, stress that Trade Fair Aalsmeer is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the B2B world of flowers and plants. “In terms of product availability it rarely happens that a customer at Royal FloraHolland asks for a product we don’t offer. The cooperative prides itself on its broad product portfolio to suit the needs for all floral category buyers,” says Ingrid.

Staple ornamental versus niche products

Set across three halls, each with their own entrance, the trade exhibition will keep an anticipated 20,000 attendees engaged from the moment they enter the 25,0000m2 show floor where normally, on a day-to-day basis, busy men on motorized vehicles shift auction trolleys to deliver containers to the auction’s buyers’ areas.

The largest space is devoted to potted plants with Phalaenopsis and potted roses’ reigning supreme. Also present are less mainstream products. “Trade Fair Aalsmeer hosts ‘staple ornamentals’ with which the industry is familiar and make their living selling on a daily basis. Interestingly, in cut flowers we see well-known brands returning year after year, while in potted plants there continues to be a number of growers who participate for the first time. Among them are small-to-medium sized plant nurseries who understand that a trade show is one of the best ways to get their name out and let a targeted audience know about their products; often niche products to serve the specialty market,” explains Wilma.