Orchids for Special Events

Flowers are becoming more and more popular. We use flowers in every occasion. Flowers are beautiful, aromatic and instantly change the atmosphere for the best. These days we can see plants and flowers in every house as a decor. Orchids are very special with its pattern and colorful. We are inspired everyday by watching them grow from being young to an adult plant that then finally goes into its flowering stage.

We deliver flowers on daily basis. We grow millions of plants and deliver them to customers and chain supermarkets around the world. For special occasions, we grow plants separately for meeting the market demands. It is our specialty for growing plants for daily purpose and special events.

We also make arrangements to suit the special events with colorful pots, tags, greeting cards and beautiful sleeves. A blooming orchid in home or any occasions make the place very classy and festive!

Valentine's Day

Delivery for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world on 14th February. It is customary to offer flowers on this occasion. Flowers are the symbol of passion and have naturally become a great classic for declaring your love for your sweetheart, your wife or husband or your girlfriend or boyfriend, on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is an ideal occasion to send flowers.

Delivery of flowers with love

Red roses are considered as a classic on Valentine’s Day. However, orchids make a powerful statement that will never go unnoticed. Orchids also represent beauty and love. With its large exquisite blooms that last for months, they can grow and continue to flower for years if we grow them with proper care. 

Women’s Day

March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day. More than 100 countries in the world celebrate International Women’s Day. Each country has its own way of celebrating this day that makes it special. 

It is common to gift flowers in some countries like Italy, Russia, United States, etc., 

Purple, green, white colors are the symbol of International Women’s Day. The colors signify justice, dignity and hope. Orchids pick up the colors of the symbol and stands as a good example that reflects the characters of women by its colors.


Delivery for Easter Sunday

During Easter holidays most shops fill their stores with phalaenopsis orchids, particularly with purple, white and yellow color flowers. During the lent period, purple is seen as representing pain, suffering and penitence. On other occasions, purple represents justice, dignity and royalty. On Easter Sunday, Churches are decorated in white and gold, the colors of hope, purity and reverence, to convey joy and celebration. The combination of yellow color flower with lilac color brings in the festive vibe of Easter! 

Delivery of flowers at the right time

For this special season, Satter arranges the plants in egg shaped vases that has painted eggs on it with green leaves/mosses! Eggs are considered as a symbol of new life! 

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is celebrated for honoring motherhood in different form throughout the world. During this day, mothers are cherished with flowers, gifts, quality time, etc., In the Netherlands, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s day. In addition to bouquets, potted plants are grown in popularity due to their long-lasting appearance and easy care. Satter joins the celebration by meeting the market demands with new arrangements as two plants in one pot makes it more beautiful on this special day!

Father's Day

In general, it is less common that men receive flowers compared to women. However, recent studies proved that fathers experience that same joy and gratitude at receiving a phalaenopsis orchid on Father’s Day as mothers do on Mother’s Day. In nurseries, men enjoy growing and developing new varieties of orchids. Satter Orchids delivers orchids with attractive thanks note as a Father’s Day special that gives an opportunity for men with no gardening experience to enjoy growing orchids at home!


Christmas is another special occasion to decorate the house with flowers. Orchids can become a part of colorful Christmas decoration with colorful vases. Satter grows plants with mixed colors and provides a special arrangement of two plants delivered  in a box for Christmas which makes it very unique and colorful.

New Year

Orchids are always part of every occasion. There is no exception for New Year as well. Satter has a busy time in delivering plants with beautiful arrangements during this season as well. We deliver plants in a long glass vase with colorful papers to make it very special for New Year!

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