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The company will conduct a six-month feasibility study on Satter's strawberries using its delivery solutions technology before moving on to orchids.

CO2 GRO Inc (CVE:GROW) (OTCQB:BLONF) (FRA:4021) announced Wednesday the company's second commercial feasibility analysis which is focused on its CO2 Delivery Solutions technology with Netherlands-based Satter Orchids.

The first commercial feasibility study will be on a small portion of Satter's 4-hectare strawberry greenhouse for a six-month period, with the goal of increasing berry yield. Following that, Satter will have the option of conducting a second 1-hectare study for another six months.

Satter also operates a 4-hectare orchid greenhouse growing various strains of the phalaenopsis variety. Once Satter is satisfied with the benefits of CO2 Delivery Solutions on commercially grown strawberries, the plan intention is to test the technology there.

"We saw GROW's announcement of faster growth in orchid plants and reached out to the company,” Satter CEO Andre Satter said in a statement. “We have decided to focus first on our strawberry production as it is a faster-growing plant that can provide us with yield data quickly, versus orchids that have a much longer grow cycle. We look forward to seeing the results over the coming year with the goal of ultimately helping both our strawberry and orchid facilities increase value and reduce costs."

After the US, the Netherlands is the second-largest exporter of food and the largest exporter of flowers globally, the company said. According to Statista, Netherlands flower exports exceed US$4 billion annually. The Netherlands is widely considered to be the world's leader in greenhouse technology with more than 500 million square feet of high-tech greenhouses in the country.

Rika Biofuel Developments Limited, GROW’s UK-based marketing partner, will lead the project in its exclusive Netherlands territory, the company said.

"We are very encouraged that Satter responded to our December 1st 2020 news release announcing 30% accelerated flowering results on C4 orchids employing CO2 Delivery Solutions,” GROW Sales & Strategic Alliances VP Aaron Archibald said. “... we are also very encouraged by the pace and progress Rika is setting in the EU representing our CO2 Delivery Solutions technology. This is their second project in two weeks and the first project in the Netherlands, one of their three exclusive countries."

The company's system naturally and safely dissolves CO2 gas into water without bubbles or pressure to create an aqueous CO2 solution which is then misted directly onto the plant's leaves and shoots. The aqueous CO2 solution's microdroplets create a micro-film on the leaf surface, isolating the leaf from the atmosphere.