The Orchid Life Cycle - Phalaenopsis

Growing Phalaenopsis is our passion and it's something we do with love and attention each and every day.

If you’ve always wondered where your orchids come from and how they grow, here’s a glimpse into the secret lives of orchids in our greenhouse.


Development of young plants

Although we grow orchids in The Netherlands, most of our young plants come from other European countries and Asia. The young plants are produced from floral stalks under sterile conditions. The development of the young plants takes around two years in laboratories. The plants are selected based on different parameters before being shipped to our facility. 



Planting young plants in Greenhouse

Well-developed tissue culture plants are planted with grow plugs and given special conditions for better growth and development as they are directly delivered from laboratories. As it grows, the plants are continuously monitored by our grading system, which is then followed on to their next stages. The plants stay in this phase between 8 to 10 months. 


Plants start producing spikes

The plants meeting the growth requirements are transferred to cold conditions for producing new spikes. The spikes continue to grow and produce flower buds. Most plants produce two to three spikes on an average. 




It is nice to see our plants when they start flowering. It needs around 15 weeks for flowering from the spikes initiation stage. Flower initiation is a kind of magic and they continue to grow in cold conditions. 


Preparing for Delivery

The plants with flowers are sent through automated system for quality check and assortment. The plants are assorted according to our customer’s requirement and needs for delivery. 



Delivery arrangements and dispatching

Satter delivers plants every day and  also for special events like Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Easter, and so on. Our sales and delivery department work together with our customers to meet the phalaenopsis market demands. The plants are delivered safely with our temperature-controlled trucks.

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