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We are a modern tech-based nursery specialized in Phalaenopsis of high quality.


We grow Phalaenopsis with love and attention every day.


Browse through our extensive assortment of unique orchids.


Phalaenopsis provides a delicate touch to any occasion.


We ensure safe and timely delivery to clients across the world.

New Varieties

The novel varieties provide prominent colors and serves as a beautiful addition to your home decor and special events.

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Everything starts with an idea. This also applies to the development of a new Orchid. We, at Satter Orchids, develop new varieties with unique properties and are specialized in growing them in our nursery.

We handle everything for you!

At Satter orchids we are proud to offer novel varieties that suits our commercial client’s preferences while prioritizing sustainability and quality.


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Delivering flowers across the globe.


of Production

We use advanced technology to deliver quality results.



We believe in "Best selection
delivers novel varieties."


Offering unlimited colours & arrangements


We are proud to offer new varieties for all orchid enthusiasts around the year while prioritizing quality and safe delivery.

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