These adult mature plants are ready for flowering stage that makes them more beautiful!

Healthy Substrate

The growth of adult plants is continuously monitored by providing substrate enriched in nutrients to ensure better growth. 

Biological Control

Plants are grown under natural conditions with biological control to have a green environment. 

Conserve Water

Water recycling and using it at the right time of the day saves the amount of water used in our nursery. 

Healthy Plants

The combination of nutrients and water with correct biological control helps the plants to grow healthy. 

Adult Orchid Plants

Young plants are grown for 10 months to be considered as adult plants with leaves and roots. However, it still needs a few more months to develop flowers.  

As it continues to grow, the adult plants go for specific growth screening for their next stage. The plants that meet the growth requirements will move on to next stage while the remaining will continue to be grown in the same phase to reach the maturity for passing on to the next stage.



We use advanced scanning technology to ensure each plant reaches its growth milestones before moving to the next stage. 



The production includes different stages of plant growth and development. Every stage is important and given the best care before being dispatched from our facility. 

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