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As of February 2013 Crea-Tech International pulls back at the office and factory complex of Van Zaal. An efficient policy regarding the use of people, the use of funds and the purchase of materials has led to the move towards De Kwakel. Crea-Tech has in its 14 years of existence as a subsidiary of Van Zaal, its state of services proven with (inter) national projects such as for example with Gebroeders van der Salm, Bunnink Plants, Swedeponic, Lincolnshire Herbs UK Ltd, Satter Orchids, Maurice van der Hoorn, Floricultura, Olij Roses, Evanty, and Nolina.

From its founding in 1998, the company develops machines and systems specialised in the processing of potted plants, cut flowers and herbs. Often based on ideas from customers Crea-Tech has developed a number of unique machines, including a potplant sleeve machine, a tray filler, colour mixing line, a sleeve label unit and a complete flower sleeve concept.

Crea-Tech combines proven industrial components with innovative solutions. This creates machines that add value, have a reliable operation and are easy to use. This is linked to the vision that the horticultural sector needs reliable and low maintenance machines through the use of previously proven techniques. Crea-Tech aims - by saving on labour costs - always a quick return on each investment.

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Paul van der Laan
Website: www.crea-tech.nl