Satter Orchids are special in a way they are made!

Growing Phalaenopsis is our passion and it's something we do with love and attention each and every day.


Young Plants

The young plants are produced from meristem cultures using plant tissue culture techniques. The plants upon delivery from laboratories are checked for a suitable leaf/root ratio. The first growing phase of tissue culture plants require special conditions.

Satter Orchids also receives large amount of young plants in plug stage. The advantage of the plants in plug stage reduces the growth period by 5-7 months compared to the tissue culture plants.

The beauty, complexity and incredible diversity of orchid flowers are unrivalled in the plant world.

Adult Plants

Young plants require at least 10 months of time to reach the ‘adult’ stage in our greenhouse. It would take a few more months for the plants to develop flowers. As it grows, we continue to monitor its progress, evaluating its growth and plant health.

We use advanced scanning technology to ensure each plant reaches its growth milestones before moving to another section of the greenhouse.


Growing phalaenopsis is an art! We are unique with our varieties, development and customer satisfaction. Innovation in growth and development is our mission!


The Plant Journey


New plants are produced under specific conditions. The process in the laboratory takes around two years to produce young plants before we grow them in greenhouse.


Selected quality plants that meet the shoot/root ratio are transferred to our greenhouse. The plants are continuously monitored and go through different grading system before moving to next stage.


Flowering is initiated under cold conditions. The plants are assorted based on color, number of flowers and size. 


According to our customer’s interest, the plants are arranged in ceramic/plastic pots with sleeves before leaving the facility. 

Phalaenopsis: Most attractive orchid in the world.