Since 2007.

Ambitious and experienced, Satter Orchids was established in 2007. We take pride in having over 30 years of experience in growing plants and flowers before establishing Satter Orchids.

  • Satter Orchids is a highly specialised company working with the most modern growing techniques that are fully automated.
  • All sorts and varieties of pot-orchids are carefully grown and then are packaged for transport to many different destinations within The Netherlands and also to the rest of Europe.
  • Millions of orchids leave our modern plantation every year.
  • Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. To accomplish this, we work closely with our clients.

Our Story



In 1982 Jacob Satter started his own nursery to grow Chrysanthemum, just like his father, grew strawberry, tomato and Chrysanthemum. Jacob and his wife Janie Satter really loved flowers and did not like seeing them being grown without love and care. With their continued efforts, the company further extended their facilities in 1992 and 1997 to produce 100 million flowers per year in 43 hectors land.

In the same period, Satter also established their breeding facility in South-Africa for producing plant material which was imported to The Netherlands for producing flowers. Since the beginning, the flowers that are produced at Satter facility are supplied throughout Europe. A few years later, Jacob Satter and Janie Satter decided to sell the chrysanthemum nursery to their oldest son and started with a new Nursery to grow Phalaenopsis. Today, Satter Orchids can proudly claim more than fourteen years of experience in Orchids industry to meet the current market demands.

We always believe innovation and sustainability play a central role in any company’s growth. Hence, we continue to develop new cultivation techniques with efficient production methods and sales process of Phalaenopsis.


Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. To accomplish this, we work closely with our clients.

  • Automation
  • Growth Nursery
  • Going Green
  • High Quality
  • Safe Delivery
  • Unlimited Varieties
  • Different Arrangements
  • All Seasons
  • Reliability
  • Timely Delivery
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Why Choose Us?

Client Satisfaction

The first step is to conduct a detailed site analysis and formulate a brief with the client.

Lasting Business Relationships

The next stage is to prepare a detailed plan showing varieties, numbers and schedule.

Safe Logistics

We ensure safe & secure deliveries across the globe.

Our Values

Innovation and sustainability play a central role in the way we work and think. We develop new cultivation techniques on your behalf to achieve the most efficient possible production and sales process of Orchids.

Our Mission

Growing Phalaenopsis is our passion and it's something we do with love and attention each and every day. We do this around the year at the highest level. We always strive for the best quality and that's why we continue to invest in technological innovations and in developing our products.

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