Versatile Moth Orchids

The Phalaenopsis is a versatile species whose name is derived from the Greek Phalaina, meaning moth. The uniquely shaped petals come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, which gives an opportunity to match any kind of interior and decor. It can also be a perfect gift for any occasion and special events. We outline here with some tips that can help maintain plants to be healthier and elegant.



Phalaenopsis are generally grown in bark mixed substrate and once a week watering is sufficient for their growth. It is also possible that some hybrids can be watered with ice cubes. The plants observe water slowly in the presence of ice cubes. If the room temperature is heigh or the humidity is lower, it is advisable to water twice a week for increasing the humidity.


The Phalaenopsis of Satter Orchids are not suitable for consumption.


Satter Orchids uses sustainable cultivation. This gives the plants enough nutrients for the entire flowering cycle. If the plants are continued to grow after first flowering stage, it is advisable to give fertilizers for the next flower stalk initiation.


Direct sun light can damage the plants. For example, yellow spots on leave may indicate leaf burnt spots. The ideal location of placing the plants are in bright, draught-free room without direct sunlight.


The flower stalks can be easily removed after completed the blooming stage. The plants continue to grow and develop new flower stalk if they are grown further. Placing the plants at low temperature can induce the flower stalk initiation after removing the first one.


Phalaenopsis flowering between 15°C to 25°C. The plants continue to grow and stay longer if they are not exposed to higher or lower temperature.

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