Orchids are a suitable addition for all kinds of special events and decorations. Generally the potted plants are given as gifts and placed in houses for events like Valentine's Day, Women’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father's Day, Christmas, New Year, and so many more. The cut flowers are mainly used in decorations and also in flower arrangements like bouquets.

Orchids are one of the beautiful flowers and they are presented in different forms according to the occasions. Our arrangements are mainly focused on our customer’s interest and market demands. Arrangement from Satter Orchids includes colorful vases, sleeves, multiple designs, flower color combinations, greetings note, etc.,   

Delivering our plants with optimum conditions is very important to maintain the quality of the plants and flowers. Our trucks are designed for flower delivery and drive throughout The Netherlands and other destinations in Europe.

Potted plants with orchid flowers last for moths and are easy to maintain. They offer bright-colored blooms that can be a beautiful addition in all kinds of occasions and can be a beautiful decor to your home as well business workplaces at all times!  

We are nice people with a lot of experience.

Excellent and modernized greenhouse with many varieties. They have an extensive range of pots that matches with their flower color!. Nice people and good location!

Sandra Brouwer

We, a new customer in terms of starting our business relationship with Satter Orchids, are impressed with their friendly approach and quality of the plants! The sales team is always available for our questions and demands.

Gerard Visser

Never have to worry about the plants being shipped. Good quality and good conditions. Perfectly delivered in time as always. Highly recommended!

Renee Bakker

Satter is a Dutch family based business in Phalaenopsis. The location of the company is beautiful and close by a river. The greenhouse is quite large scale and they save more energy from the heat. They have a very friendly management and we find it easy to convey them our interests and requirements.

Hendrik De Jongh

A great nursery with full of beautiful plants! Growing plants using modern technology that is mostly with automation.

Maarten van de Berg