How we transport Orchids...

Satter Orchids has a reputation for years (since 1998) of being a reliable supplier of Phalaenopsis orchids in the field of interior plants. 

Our trucks drive throughout The Netherlands and other destinations in Europe for delivering orchids with the utmost care. All our trucks are set with optimum temperature and humidity to make sure the plants are delivered in the same condition as grown in our nursery. We are keen on delivering the plants without disturbing their growth conditions.

Billions of plants and flowers are exported from The Netherlands on a yearly basis. Satter Orchids are happy to be a part of exporting quality orchids from The Netherlands with our delivering trucks and our logistics - H. Satter & Zn. Transport B.V. 

The growth conditions can vary for every crop/product. Hence, our transport company trucks are equipped with temperature partitions. This allows us to transport plants and flowers with different temperature conditions when necessary. 

Satter trucks are known to deliver plants at the Dutch cut flower/plant market in Aalsmeer every day. The plants and flowers from this market are generally transported further to other locations on demand. If necessary, Satter delivers plants to the final destination irrespective of the quantity that may vary from one pallet to a complete truck, without any delay so that the customer receives them on time.

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